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The mission of Damaru Resources is to cater to the varied needs of your clients and provide the best services. We aim to benefit the clients since the manpower available in Nepal is hard-working, honest, loyal. They can adapt to adverse climatic conditions and yield effective output.


Damaru Resources Pvt. Ltd. envisions being successful in taking the shape of leading manpower recruiting agency worldwide. We aim to deliver highly competent and motivated personnel to overseas employers. We are determined to further expand the company’s operation to reach a wider audience and build strong ties with our clients and candidates.


  1. To adopt continuous compliance with of international quality management system 
  1. To recruit and deploy 2500 workers for foreign employment within a year.
  1. To achieve at least 80% employers and workers satisfaction.
  1. To improve employer competence by 10% every year.
  1. To provide complete training to every employee in each quarter.
  1. To deploy manpower as commitment time and also as per the job description provided by the client.
  2. To provide satisfactory customer services through continuous improvement of the quality of our services
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