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recruiting process

1. Enquiry

Enquiry from Employer: We receive the enquiry from employers concerning their requirement of the worker by email. In the enquiry email, the Employer must include the exact job description, required no. of workers, basic salary, food and accommodation allowances, about Air ticket, job starting date, and other terms and condition. Later we provide format documents, which are required to complete the legal process in Nepal, which is called a demand letter. After receiving a demand letter from the employer then will apply to the Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE), Nepal for the pre-approval of recruitment.

2. Screening

Pre-screening and selection of the candidate: After getting pre-approval for recruitment from DOFE, we publish an advertisement on Print Media (Newspapers), Electronic Media (Radio, Television, SMS) and Internet (Social Media, Email) for calling potential candidate. The applications will receive via post, fax, mail and our application data bank. Out of those application we will pre-screen the candidate and pre-interview by the recruitment officer of our company. And only short listed candidates go for further process.

3. Candidate Interview

Final Interview (by employer): we appoint those candidates who succeed in the pre-screen and pre-interview for final interview on a particular day. The final interview will carry-up by the representative of Employer/Company or the recruitment officer of our company will take interview of these candidate

4. Medical Test

Medical: changing climate and geographical conditions around the world demand constant health vigilance. We carry out strict medical checkups of selective candidates at government-authorized laboratories, hospitals, and medical centers. After clearance, inoculation is carried out. These preventive measured to ensure maximum health and safety assurance by our company.

5. Visa Approval

Employment Visa and Orientations: After getting Employment Visa from the Employer/Embassy each successful candidate have to attain their orientation classes to be eligible to get the final approval from DOFE, Nepal. During the classes, the candidates are informed about their job responsibility, work environment, labor law, and culture of their departing country. After the orientation classes, we proceed for final approval for candidates from DoFE. This process may vary as per different country.

6. Travel Arrangement

Travel arrangement: After receiving the final-Approval, we proceed with the travel arrangement of the candidate. We have our dedicative travel agency that will provide proper assistance to candidates during the travel.

7. Deployment

Deployment: After clearance all above steps and clearance the service charges (if any apply), the candidates are finally deployed from Nepal.

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